How to Cryptonight V7 CPU Mining Using XMRIG Miner

Monero is one of the popular Cryptocurrency which sucessfully doing Hard Fork from Cryptonight PoW (Proof of Work) Algorithm to Cryptonight V7 PoW Algorithm. The hard Fork occur at block 1546000 on Friday April 6 2018 in an attempt to protect the cryptocurrency against ASIC miners.

The new PoW Algorithm Cryptonight V7 is different from Cryptonight, which make coin to be ASIC Resistant. But, it is also reduce the Hash/s performance of CPU and GPU Miner. Cryptonight V7 is slightly slower to compute, so the Hash/s result is lower than Cryptonight.

Coins which have successfully fork to Cryptonight V7 Algo :

  1. Monero
  2. Fonero
  3. Graft
  4. Stellite
  5. etc..

So, you can mine those coins using method I’ll provide in this CPU Mining Tutorial.

How to Mine Cryptonight V7 Using XMRIG CPU Miner

You can use either Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows to mine Cryptonight v7 coins using XMRig Miner.

Why XMRig?

XMRig is a miner Software which easy to use and have good performance on most CPU Hardware to get optimum hash rate. It’s also easy to config and run the miner.

How to CPU Mining Cryptonight V7 using XMRIG for Ubuntu

You can use Computer, Server or Virtual Privare Server (VPS) and install it with Free Ubuntu OS, no need paid license to use the Ubuntu OS.

Download the XMRig for Ubuntu binary package miner from or

No need to compile or install the miner, just download, extract the package, edit the config file, and start mining.

I have make a Video Tutorial on How to Mine Monero v7 using XMRig for Ubuntu :

After you watch the Video Tutuorial, I assume you have successfully run the XMRig Miner. Here are some customization to improve mining performance.

Enable Huge Pages on Linux Ubuntu

Enabling Huge Pages can slighly improve the mining performance for higher hash rate if your miner’s Huge Pages still disable, you can use this command to enable Huge Pages :

echo 128 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages

How to CPU Mining Cryptonight V7 using XMRIG for Windows

In Windows version of XMRig, you can mine Cryptonight v7 coins easily with optimum hash rate. There’s two type XMRig miner for windows, 32 bit and 64 bit version. If your machine using 32 bit version of windows just download the 32 bit version of XMRig.

If you use 64 bit version of Windows, there’s two type miner, XMRig compiled using GCC and MSVC. For me, the GCC version give better performance than MSVC. Pick one the best for your Windows x64 machine.

You can download XMRig for Windows here :

I have documented the entire process on a Video Tutorial How to Cryptonight v7 CPU Mining using XMRig for Windows :

Enable Huge Pages on Windows

Just run xmrig.exe as Administrator and reboot your computer, then re run xmrig.exe.

XMRig Optimized Config

Optimum XMRig Config to get maximum performance in mining. You can refer to this config, just change the pool url, user, and password.

    "algo": "cryptonight",  // cryptonight (default) or cryptonight-lite
    "av": 0,                // algorithm variation, 0 auto select
    "background": false,    // true to run the miner in the background
    "colors": true,         // false to disable colored output    
    "cpu-affinity": null,   // set process affinity to CPU core(s), mask "0x3" for cores 0 and 1
    "cpu-priority": null,   // set process priority (0 idle, 2 normal to 5 highest)
    "donate-level": 1,      // donate level, mininum 1%
    "log-file": null,       // log all output to a file, example: "c:/some/path/xmrig.log"
    "max-cpu-usage": 99,    // maximum CPU usage for automatic mode, usually limiting factor is CPU cache not this option.  
    "print-time": 60,       // print hashrate report every N seconds
    "retries": 5,           // number of times to retry before switch to backup server
    "retry-pause": 5,       // time to pause between retries
    "safe": false,          // true to safe adjust threads and av settings for current CPU
    "threads": null,        // number of miner threads
    "pools": [
            "url": "yourminingpool.url:1234", // URL of mining server
            "user": "Your_Wallet_Address",           // username for mining server
            "pass": "x",                     // password for mining server
            "keepalive": true,               // send keepalived for prevent timeout (need pool support)
            "nicehash": false,               // enable nicehash/xmrig-proxy support
            "variant": -1                    // algorithm PoW variant
    "api": {
        "port": 0,                             // port for the miner API
        "access-token": null,                  // access token for API
        "worker-id": null                      // custom worker-id for API